“Won’t Turn Down: Weekend of Resistance Memorial March”

Won’t Turn Down: Weekend of Resistance Memorial March

Saturday, October 11, 9pm at Hunts Point Plaza, The Bronx
6 train to Hunts Point Avenue

* * * * *
They burned down Mike Brown’s Memorial.

The cops looked on. The same ones who still harass protestors. And the world watches and waits while justice is denied.

All over, it seems like every day, cops destroy black and brown life.

But like Ferguson, we won’t sit by and watch. We won’t turn down. We’ll stand up and take the streets.

Come out with Ferguson and the Bronx in solidarity with Ferguson’s Weekend of Resistance. We’ll build a memorial and march for Mike and every young black and brown life lost, robbed by the cops.

We won’t turn down until the police and their legacy of death are out of our lives for good.


Won't Turn Down P2

Won't Turn Down P1

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