UPCOMING EVENT: Dr. Guy McPherson speaking on “Climate Chaos” 4/16 at 8 pm


Not only are the lights about to go out on industrial civilization, but the lights are about to go out on our species. Marching in lockstep with the dark days faced by society and Homo sapiens is my own heart, heavy with the knowledge in my head and the failure of my personal efforts.”

-Guy R. McPherson, from the introduction to “Going Dark”

Dr. Guy McPherson is a conservation biologist by training, previously working as professor emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.  He has since left the walls of empire and academia to sound out a beacon warning for the coming climate collapse.  Author of many books, including “Walking Away From Empire: A Personal Journey” and the recently published “Going Dark In Order to See the Light”, he has become a prominent figure in the wake up call for our species.

Every day the news is filled with record heat waves, droughts, new diseases, and food insecurity.  Here in New York City, memories of superstorms mix with the white noise of gentrified coffee shops.  In the face of these real experiences, there is a consistent attempt to deny the reality of the situation: that climate change is real, it is happening right now, humans caused it, and if we continue on this path, we very well will destroy our planet and life as we know it.  Not in some distant future, but in this generation.  As Guy McPherson, among many others outside of mainstream academia, argue, the only real solution is to dismantle our industrial way of life, i.e. civilization as we know it.  It is dire news, but only through a recognition of the truth, can we ever talk about solutions.

Come join us as we discuss the reality of the climate chaos and what next steps there are.  Learn what the facts are, what actions are being done, and help us create a culture of resistance to fight for our planet.

In love, rage, and resistance

Casa Puebla

2710 Broadway

New York, NY 10025

April 16th 8p-9:30p

For more information:

Nature Bats Last (Guy McPherson Blog)

Thom Hartman Interview with Guy McPherson

Review of “Going Dark”

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